Sofnolime 797 8-12 mesh – Non Indicating

Sofnolime 797 8-12 mesh – Non Indicating

Sofnolime 797 8-12 mesh – Non Indicating

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  • Designed for use with semi-closed and closed circuit rebreather diving systems
  • 8-12 Mesh / 797-grade offers best size to weight ratio for superior CO2 absorption
  • Non-indicating version as required by U.S. Navy specifications
  • Kegs are 44 lb / 20 kg heavy-duty re-useable containers
  • 5 year shelf-life

Sofnolime® is Molecular Products’ version of soda lime, which in Scuba diving is used in Rebreathers to scrub CO2 from the diver’s breathing loop.

Sofnolime® is contained in the rebreathers absorbant pack. The breathing gas is passed through the absorbant pack and the CO2 is removed by a water mediated base catalysed chemical reaction, converting the CO2 to calcium carbonate and H2O which is retained within the absorber. The strong base, in this case NaOH, is not used up but acts as a catalyst.

The 8-12 Mesh NI (Grade 797) carbon dioxide absorbent is a triangular (D) shaped particle between 1.0mm to 2.5mm.  The triangular cross-section provides a higher surface to weight ratio, providing a higher CO2 absorption capacity compared with other granule shapes. The 8-12 mesh ability to scrub CO2 is depth and temperature dependent.  This product is the NON-indicating version.

Sold in { 44 lb | 20 kg } re-useable keg containers. When stored correctly, Sofnolime containers maintain proper absorption capacity for five years. Our absorbent is fresh and it is stored in our climate controlled warehouse. Absorbent prices do NOT include free shipping.


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Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 9 in

Sofnolime MSTD Sheet