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Traveling with spearguns just became a lot easier. The same former Oakley design team that developed our other dive luggage created this marvel and it shows. An internal slot allows for 1” PVC tube to fit securely to hold your shafts and act as an extra level of defense against the airport monkeys. Expandable end pocket allows for an additional 12” of length, and the waterproof interior prevents molding. Double gun sleeves each with tie down straps keep guns snug and our oversized carrying strap distributes weight evenly allowing easy movement in small spaces, critical at airports. Bag measures 60x12x9″. Or 72x12x9″ with the optional extension.


The best looking bag at the airport. But don’t let its looks fool you; this bag is all about function. Tarpaulin zipper stash compartment on the bottom protects long or short blade fins, floats and anything else that lays flat and could use a little extra protection. The top compartment is large enough for all your dive gear and then some. Side pockets are deep and angled for maximum capacity. The over-sized side web straps with buckles allow you to secure spearguns or other gear externally.  This gear bag features heavy cordura construction, bottom glide rails, and roller wheels.  Even fully loaded the bag tows like its empty. Use it on one trip and you’ll never want to go home. Bag measures 43x16x14.

*The separate fin compartment on the bottom of the luggage must not be over stuffed, the four 90 degree corners when overstuffed will misalign the zipper teeth and cause eventual zipper failure. This compartment was designed to protect your fins and other delicate or flat storing gear. The compartment can be filled, but not over stuffed like a straight pull zipper duffle, it was not designed for over stuffing!


This backpack’s killer looks and smart functionality are a result of its creation by former Oakley designers. Butterfly pockets hold mask, gloves and other gear while acting as a cinch strap for binding spear gun and fins secure to the body, keeping the perfect balanced center of gravity. Constructed of rugged Cordura with a tarpaulin grommeted bottom, it’s bombproof, displaces water and is fully breathable. There’s an inner sleeve for hydration pouch, IPod pocket and polymer carrying handle. Foam molded back piece and ergonomically enhanced shoulder straps provide unbelievable comfort and weight displacement. It’s a diving partner you can’t do without.

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D4306 Gun Bag – Blue/Grey – 60" x 12" x 9", D4302 Wheeled Adventure Bag – 43" X 16" X 14", D4307 Back Pack – Blue/Grey

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